Habotai silk is considered the highest quality silk. The fabric is characterized by a particularly fine, smooth texture. The supple flow of the material results in a very special comfort in every season. Habotai silk is a protein fiber and so resembles human skin-makers / inside they often refer to as "second skin".
Made from 100% Habotai silk tunics, shawls, scarves and shawls Nicky you find under Fashion.
Silk and fashion:
In the rococo silk was an estimated exoticism. In the heyday of the 18th Century had inter alia to Madame de Pompadour portrayed in exquisite silk robes highest quality. Flamboyant silks from Lyons were indispensable.
Who wore brightly colored silk dresses in the time of the French Revolution was seen as anti-revolutionary. Napoleon decided in an imperial decree that men and women should wear more silks to support the French economy.
According to the World Exhibition in Vienna produced Japanese silk merchant, the fine Japanese silk Habutae and breastfeeding, European demand for high-quality and expensive house dresses and dressing gowns.